6 Reasons You Need Good Bookkeeping for Your Business

6 Reasons You Need Good Bookkeeping for Your Business

Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions and is part of accounting processes in businesses and other organizations. Bookkeeping is an integral part of any business to keep its finances in check and avoid any legal problems. They help you plan the budget, prepare for tax returns and keep the business organized. This is the reason Online Bookkeeping jobs in India are so much in demand.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Bookkeeping Is Important for Your Enterprise.

1. Facilitates Your Budget

Budgeting is very important for any business to function. It creates a financial map for your company which helps you plan for future expenses. Bookkeepers make this job simple.

 2. Makes You Ready For Taxes

The tax season is no doubt a difficult one if your financial information is not in place when it comes to filing for taxes. A good bookkeeper will make sure every financial record is in check so that your business can sail smoothly.

3. Maintenance Of Organised Records

There will be times when you need organized records for various reasons which if misplaced can lead to missed deadlines, eventually leading to losses and any business big or small cannot afford to do that. By updating the books often you will always be ready for even the tiniest bits of information and get Online bookkeeping jobs in India.

4. Business Targets Can Be Easily Set

Every business needs to go up the ladder but poor financial records can put a stop to that. It is impossible to set targets if you don’t have proper financial records and no accurate data for analysis. With good bookkeeping, you can easily chalk out your business goals and achieve targets easily.

5. eeping Up With The Government Regulations

It is very difficult for business owners to keep up with government regulations on a regular basis which result in facing penalties. Bookkeepers make sure all the financial planning and tax filing is done with respect to government regulations.

6. Business Runs Smoothly

It is a known fact that for any business to thrive everything, especially the finances need to run as smoothly as possible. Workplace culture also remains positive.

How To Get Started On The Bookkeeping Journey

Tips to follow when you are setting up your bookkeeping system

1. Segregate the personal and business expense

Try to separate your business and personal bank account. The reason being if there are no two separate accounts you could be held responsible for any liability or debt that is incurred by the company. It can also cause you unnecessary stress when filing taxes or while doing your bookkeeping leading to the consumption of time and money as well.

2. Select a bookkeeping system

There are basically two types of bookkeeping- single entry and double-entry bookkeeping. Bookkeepers can get online bookkeeping jobs in India to manage single-entry bookkeeping done by people who have just started. Liabilities and assets are tracked separately.

Double-entry bookkeeping is done by professionals since it is quite more complex than a single entry. In double-entry, all transactions are entered into a journal then every item is entered into the general ledger twice, as both a debit and a credit.

3. Choosing the right accounting method for you- cash or accrual

Another important choice to make when setting up bookkeeping is whether to keep your accounting cash or accrual.

In cash accounting, the record is uploaded only when cash reaches your hands or bank accounts. Many businesses opt for cash accounting since it is easy to keep track of your receivables and payables.

In the accrual accounting method, you record the receivable even if you are paid after one month. Accrual accounting is generally chosen by larger and established organizations.

4. Select the right tools

The transactions that are being made need to be categorized in a correct fashion. Generally, they are divided into assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses. It can get quite difficult for the bookkeeper to keep track if there is no system. This is the reason you need to use accounting software such as  QuickBooks, Xero, or Wave. Although, this software is quite challenging to use if you get a hang of it can be quite useful. Now you know why Online bookkeeping jobs in India get quite hectic.

5. Storing of documents

When the tax season arrives you must be ready with every receipt, bill, and financial record. Storing them digitally i.e, storing them on cloud storage is the best way to store such documents.

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