How Munim Biz Makes Work From Home  The ‘New Normal’

How Munim Biz Makes Work From Home The ‘New Normal’

The Covid-19 virus has been choking the world for the past couple of years. Numerous jobs have been lost and most of them are shifted to work from home mode. Accounting Jobs in India were also affected by the pandemic since it was tough for such delicate jobs to shift entirely online.

There has been an ongoing debate about working from home versus working from an office. We believe work from home has an edge. Here are a few reasons why we think so-

Benefits Of Working From Home For Employees:

  1. Cuts on the extra expense- Who doesn’t like to save some money at the end of the month. With petrol prices rising every day, working from home cuts traveling costs and other miscellaneous expenses.
  2. Saves Time- A lot of time is being wasted especially when your office is far away. Working from home saves you from the hassles of daily commute and facing a large number of crowds. Thus, as you get online bookkeeping jobs in India, you also get to save your precious time.
  3. Improved Productivity- The quality of work is significantly refined as there are significantly fewer distractions around.
  4. Great flexibility- You can work according to your most productive hours because of the time saved while traveling.
  5. Work from wherever you want- ‘Workation’ has become a new term wherein you can from anywhere. From mountains to beaches, you just need good wi-fi.
  6. Better work-life balance- It is indeed very tough to keep a stable work-life balance especially when you are part of a corporate setting. Working from home ensures you spend enough time with your family and friends.

Even employers have certain advantages working from home

Benefits Of Working From Home For Employers:

  1. Larger range of recruitment- Employers often select candidates who are from the same city. But now they can even hire candidates from other cities.
  2. Improved Staff retention- Employees tend to stay when they are satisfied. With improved independence and flexibility employees stay happier.
  3. Significant cost reduction- Before the pandemic when offices were running normally, there were many costs incurred like office rent, the maintenance cost of lifts, and security.
  4. The lesser amount of leaves taken- Earlier employees use to take sick leaves because of burnout or bad health condition. Now employees are in their own habitat and with their families to take care of them.

These are just some of the privileges of working from home. But you must be wondering where can you get such jobs.

Munim Biz is the platform where you can find the best accounting jobs in India as we connect you to clients offering such jobs. We also provide a platform for online bookkeeping jobs in India to kickstart your career. So if you are a student who aspires to be an accountant or a working professional looking for some extra income you must download and register the Munim Biz app now.