What Are The Qualifications To Secure Accounting Jobs In India

What Are The Qualifications To Secure Accounting Jobs In India

Accounting jobs in India are sought by any commerce student who aspires to be successful in life. Professionals not only have a stable career, but they also make a comfortable living at the end of the month. If you are still trying to decide whether to pursue a career in accounting, this article can help you make up your mind

Students have several misunderstandings about online accounting jobs in India And courses. Most students fear going into this industry because they believe it is all about mathematics. However, this assumption has no absolute validity because accounting is a broad discipline with many concepts, including arithmetic.

Qualifications Needed To Pursue An Online Accounting Job In India

Let’s take a look at the qualifications you’ll need to get accounting jobs in India.

1. Higher Secondary In Commerce Stream

The Indian education system, as is well known, organizes the school curriculum in the 10+2 structure. Students must pick between three streams: commerce, science, and arts. To become an accountant, you must first study commerce, which includes disciplines such as economics, business studies, and mathematics.

There are many students who have a paralyzing phobia of mathematics. However, to reach your goals, you must work hard to overcome your fear. Whatever you study over the next two years will enhance the foundation of knowledge you must have.

Bachelor’s Degree In Commerce

After finishing your schooling, you must pursue a bachelor’s degree program to get an online accounting job in India. Every bachelor’s degree program lasts three years. You will have 4-6 selections from a wide range of themes to pick from. Specifically, you would have the following options:

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Accountancy (Honours)

This is the most popular bachelor’s degree in India. Students who are beginning to prepare for the CA and CS (Company Secretary) programs benefit from this course because the subjects are known to them. If you join this degree, you will study accounting as your primary course, with some supplementary financial classes that will vary from year to year.

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Taxation

If you are interested in the field of taxation, this course is ideal for you. Companies in India use accountants for tax preparation in order to be guided entirely during the tax payment procedure. Only those with a degree in accounting and taxation will be considered for this accounting job in India

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance

This degree will qualify you for high-level accounting jobs in India such as Financial Analyst, Market, and Risk Analyst, Investment Banker, and so on. This curriculum focuses on a company’s financial and corporate management.

Master Degrees and Diploma Courses

After earning your graduate degree, you can pursue a professional course or further your study. All bachelor mentioned above degree programs is also accessible for master’s degrees. If your college provides the courses, you may continue your education there.

However, if not, hunt for institutes in your area and enroll yourself. Diploma programs last for two years. Diplomas, on average, have less study pressure than master’s degrees. You should make an informed decision based on all of your professional goals.

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